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Precision Express Delivery LLC

Precision Express Delivery LLC is always looking for new team members who are willing to go the extra mile to deliver on our core mission and values. We welcome you to join a fast-paced and rewarding work environment.

Here is a quick window into a day in the life of a Delivery Associate:


We start each day at our home office where you will conduct a pre-shift vehicle inspection, and pick up equipment, supplies and instructions for the day. Then you will head to the Amazon warehouse for loading and obtain your route orders for the day. Daily delivery routes may consist of 150-200 packages in varying areas. Upon completion of your route you will return to the Amazon Warehouse to reconcile returns, non-deliveries and other matters. The end-of-shift requires refueling and returning to the home office to conduct post-shift vehicle inspections as well as equipment and supply returns.

Why Join Precision Express Delivery LLC?

If you believe that you can thrive in this type of work environment, then become a Delivery Associate today! Below are some of the benefits that are a part of this rewarding work experience.

● Unique scheduling options

● Competitive pay

● Benefit package options for full-time employees

● Fast paced and rewarding work environment

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